Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Day, Everyday - 1.13.11 through 1.21.11(missing 1.18.11)

Since I keep forgetting to post my picture each day on my blog, I've decided that I'm going to do it once a week here.
So, below are the days 1.13.11 through 1.21.11
I'll probably post from Saturdays to Fridays, hopefully if I can remember! You'll notice a few things, #1 - somehow I missed the 18th of January and #2 - my life is really pretty boring, but it's my life and I'm trying to live it as best I can, boring or not.
With each picture, I will do my best to explain something about it.
So without further ado, here's last weeks days!

1.13.11 - One of my dearest friends Deni and I. I met Deni a few years ago, as she was at the end of being treated for breast cancer, having just had a mastectomy, finishing up chemo and not a hair on her beautiful head. We quickly became friends (which for me is unusual as I simply do not trust people or even like them very much at first, sometimes, I never like them, ever, no matter how hard they might try to be my friend and the harder they try, the more I dislike them and push them away).While Deni and I may not see each other much and sometimes can go weeks without talking, we always pick up where we left off and it's like we haven't missed one day of talking to each other. Anyone would be lucky to have a friend like Deni and I feel especially blessed that she has chosen me, to call friend. Isn't she beautiful! (inside and out, beauty always comes from the inside and shines right through to the outside - if I don't see beauty inside a person, they could be Miss America and I would find them ugly on the outside. I know, I'm an odd egg)
1.14.11 This is Kips favorite Thai food restaurant. I thought he had told me he didn't like Chinese food, so I'd never suggested we eat it or Thai food. Not sure why I thought that, but found out last week that he does indeed like Chinese food, but likes Thai food even better. I'm not a spicy food eater, never have been, but this place was very very good and you can ask for non spicy food! I'm sure we will eat there again. (for those in Vegas, this is down on Nellis near Bonanza I think)
1.15.11 This is Patty and I. I met Patty and her now ex boyfriend about 7 years ago at another bar where they had Karaoke (oddly by the same people who do the Karaoke were we all go to at a new bar). Until recently, we were mostly just Hi, how are you acquaintances (like I said, it takes me a while to warm up to people and I simply just do not call people friends right away, even if I see them every weekend and say hello and/or have a chat) Patty and her ex broke up about a month ago and that's when her and I started talking more. I now consider her my friend, as she does me. I guess the sadness I saw in her eyes, even through her smile that she kept on her beautiful face, touched something in me and I made the effort to bring her fully into my life, and she just gracefully glided right into it and now I talk to her just about everyday. She has a heart of gold, carries herself with much dignity and grace, even with all that has happened to her the last few months with the ex. I admire that in her, a lot, I don't know that I would be as graceful and dignified as she has been, if what's been happening to her, happened to me. Like Deni, Patty's beauty inside of her sparkles to her outsides and I find her not only delightful to be around, but beautiful to watch and look at. She deserves far more than what she was given by her ex for the last 4 years and I know that someone will come around soon and see what I see in her and give her nothing but the best!
1.16.11 I'm not supposed to eat stuff like this, but I found if I deprive myself of this type of food, than I tend to eat it in excess. Imagine though, my excitement when I found MINT Oreo's! I love chocolate chip mint ice cream and these are just as good. One or two here and there won't hurt and I don't feel like I am depriving myself of anything, so I'm also not craving the things I shouldn't eat. I think it's a win win situation for me.
1.17.11 The 4 Mile Bar. I've been going here since 2002 for Karaoke (probably the biggest dive bar in Vegas!). This is where I met Kip (first when he was dating a girl that I know from there, though we weren't really friends, we chatted here and there and sang a couple duets with each other..then after they broke up, he approached me, as I sat in my usual spot contently alone and we've been together since). We don't go here much anymore, unless I'm in a shock and awe mood - there's simply too much drama at this place, which I use to never even pay attention to or be involved in since I tend to keep a boundary around me that very few attempted to even cross over. You could usually find me sitting alone or with a now ex friend, drinking water and keeping others away from me. But, if I am in one of those moods, Kip and I will go there now, just so I can be the center of the drama LOL Mostly if there's drama and I'm paying attention if it's about us, it's "Wow, they are still together"?(almost a year now and no one thought we'd be together longer than a month or two) kind of stuff, though I've since called off 2 friendships that I had made there, as they were causing way too much drama, accusing Kip of trying to get back with his ex and some other crap. It's rather comical too, the ex and I have no problem, but others seem to have a problem with me dating him - since he had been dating someone from there before me. It's worse than high school and I finally told 2 of them off (one of them I had considered my best friend for the last 4 years). Now like I said, we only go there if I am in a shock and awe mood.
1.19.11 We've just joined this group, Southwest Business Group I think is the full name. It's different people who own their own businesses and it is for networking. We go to a meeting once a week, there's usually 2 speakers who are given about 10-15 minutes to tell people about their business (though everyone also introduces themselves at the beginning, with a very brief intro of what they do.) You get business cards and referrals through this group, either they can use your talent or know someone that can. It's a pretty diverse group of people and all seem very nice. Hopefully Kip can get some work out of it and I can further my desire to make money in photography - though they already have a professional photographer in the group, I've offered my amateur services in photography and my extensive experience in managing offices, building/organizing them from the ground up. So far, nothings come of it for either of us, but we've only been to 3 meetings. We'll keep going, can't hurt, plus we've met a few people whose services we could use, once we have money.
1.20.11 On my daughters lap is Tiger, sucking up all the attention he can get. Next to him is America, also sucking up all the attention he can get. We could pet these two guys for days without stopping and they'd still want more, spoiled old men they are. Only cat missing in this picture is Kips cat, Sammy, but once we are all living together for good (should that happen, I'm not sure if it will or if I want to, though I am at his house at least 5 days out of the week), I'm sure I'll have some with her in them too. You can't really tell how Tiger is laying, but he's mostly on his back like a baby which is typical of him. At night when I lay down, he crawls up on the pillow next to me, meows for what seems hours and must constantly have a paw touching me, usually my shoulder, arm or head. If I move, he just waits till I am still again and then places his paw where ever. He also weighs over 20 pounds and I use to allow him to lay on my stomach, but if he tries now I have to kick him off cause I can barely breathe he's so freaking heavy! America is content to just lay next to me, as long as it's with my back to him. I love these cats, having had them respectfully now for 11 and 10 years (Tiger was born in my home in New Jersey and America was found at about 4 months old nearly dying in the 120 heat here in Vegas. America is a miracle cat and not sure if I have ever told his story, but I will one day. Oh and his name is America because Chance, at 5 years old wanted to call him, Red, White and Blue. I wasn't having that, so I talked him into calling him America)
1.21.11 While I am LOVING my kindle, I still love the feel and smell of new books in my hands. So, for every 5-6 books I buy for the kindle (though usually I can find books for the kindle that are free or less than a dollar which is really cool, especially since I have such an eclectic taste in reading material) I will buy 1 or 2 books that aren't for the kindle. This is my latest addition to my collection of books. "Saltwater Buddha, a Surfers Quest to find Zen on the Sea" (the other one I got is called "The History of Surfing" and is what is commonly called a "coffee table" book. It's pretty neat and I'll probably take a picture of it too. It's huge and not only has some pretty awesome photo's there's quite a bit of reading material in it as well.) I can't tell you much more about this new book then the title, as I just received it and am only on page 7, which is still the introduction. He seems to be prolific in his writing, some would find him a bit too esoteric (even just in his introduction), but those are the type of authors I really love to read. I'll try to remember to write something about the book here on my blog when I am finished reading it. Usually, I just write a recommend or not on my facebook page. Feel free to remind me to recommend or not this book on here in a week or two. It will probably take me about a week or less to read it, it's only 238 pages so actually if I don't get too distracted, I can probably finish it in less than 3 days.
So, there you have it. 8 days of pictures, should be 9, not sure what happened to the 18th, but I'm not going to worry about it. From now on, as I said, it will be a week. 7 days of pictures with comments. My comments today are rather long winded (much more here than on facebook actually) and I'm not sure if they will always be like that, just trying to give as much info about the picture and what's happening around that picture as I can - since most of my life is so mundane, trying to make it sound exciting must be my challenge for the year... I'm up for it though, are you? LOL

One Day, Everyday - 1.12.11

In N Out Burger, where we went for dinner.
I remember when I could eat a double double with all the works, a large fry...
A soda AND a Milkshake. This time, I didn't finish my single cheeseburger, had a few fries..
no soda and no milkshake, though I really did want a milkshake!
Go me!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Day, Everyday - 1.11.11

This is the SMALL pastrami sandwich, served at Sammys here in Vegas.
SMALL! I could only eat 1/4th of it. Yummy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

One Day, Everyday - 1.10.11

Left to right: Baby Carrots, Asparagus, Pickles.
Not shown, Green Beans.
I'm loving it!

One Day, Everday - 1.9.11

This is what most every street in Vegas looks like.
And the traffic? Enough to make any sane person nuts.
Just think about what it does to a crazy person like me!

One Day, Everyday - 1.8.11

The greatest invention EVER!
This is a garlic peeler and it works unbelievable!
You can find them on
I swear by this!

One Day, Everyday - 1.7.11

Date night with Kip.
Olive Garden. Shrimp and Scallop, yummy!